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Tube Baits

Mimic Baits Hand Poured Offers Premium Tube Baits and Vast Tubes.

Freshwater fish enjoying life in the clear northern lakes of the United States are some of the most crafty and skilled evaders of human baits and lures. They enjoy life in clear waters and they have become savvy to many baits and fishing patterns. They probably became this way because they can literally see us as we stare down at them, the clarity works in their favor even though it reveals their location to us. This means that we have to be just as crafty. Mimic Baits Hand Poured creates tube baits and vast tubes that sell out fast because they work. It really is that simple. Our mimic baits are made with care at every turn and the fish cannot tell the difference by smell or appearance. We work hard when it comes to the craft because we want to use the best when we get out on the waters and provide the best to our customers.

We are a company that works to provide a product that people can rely on for specific use every time. Integrity and creativity are key to our everyday dealings and we hope to provide you quality bait each season after you purchase from us the first time. If you have a specific color combination in mind let us know via our social media pages, maybe we can try to see if we can offer in one of our batches. We love interacting with our customers or potential customers, and we are always looking to see what kind of luck you are having with our baits so be sure to tag us in any of your posts with your fish!

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