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Custom Mimic Baits

Mimic Baits Hand Poured Provides Quality Custom Mimic Baits Across The Globe.

Are you looking for affordable mimic baits that work? We make affordable mimic baits that are gaining popularity in the area and among anglers across the nation. Custom mimic baits can sometimes be expensive because the making takes skill for them to tempt fish but we offer affordable mimic baits that are made with the highest quality materials and skill for bringing in the big ones, and the little ones if that is what you are after.

The trick to custom mimic baits is to hook them correctly so the movement in the water is just right. Our hollow baits look just like some delectable meal for fish because of the realistic movement as it is moved across the water. We know, we have had a ton of success out there on the local waterways. Try one of our affordable mimic baits today and see how you like the technology, form, and even scent or our product. Do you know the best fall colors? You may be surprised but just think of a pumpkin spice latte with a splattering of dark greens. For fall choose lures that are deep green, pumpkin orange, maybe a little brown and red, with specks of white or black. It is not intentional how fish tend to go for fall and Halloween-themed items as the weather turns but it is an interesting phenomenon. We will always try to provide quality colors and custom mimic baits that work best for the season so check back as time goes on to keep up with our current inventory which may align with the current cravings of the seasonal fish.

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