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Custom Poured Baits

Mimic Baits Hand Poured Creates Custom Poured Baits To Perform With Each Cast.

Are you looking for smelly fish bait that attracts the best fish in the lake? Check out our custom poured baits and try your hand at improved success the next time you dip your line. You will find a variety of colors on our site and be sure to check back often as our inventory is updated. We bake the scent and the salt right into each Mimic Bait and you simply cannot find a better fish bait made by a more creative company. Those fish seem to be evolving before our eyes to avoid certain bait that may have worked a decade ago, but we stay on top of the game and continue to perfect the craft of custom bait pouring. And of course, we fish, fish, fish, and fish some more to make sure we get it right. It's a tough job but someone has to do it.

Our custom poured baits are designed by anglers, for anglers who want to lure the fish into taking a bite and keep them on the bait for as long as possible to be able to pull that line. We have seen fish get tempted into that first bite, but dart off as soon as the bait was near their mouth because they smelled that human scent. This is why our custom poured baits go above and beyond to attract fish and not repel them with built-in scents and customized colors for the fish and season. We love the sport and science of fishing. It is a hobby and an obsession. That is why our bait is so good, we want to make the best to use ourselves! Check out our latest catches on our social media pages and be sure to tag us in yours. We look forward to seeing how everyone does each season.

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