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High Quality Baits

Mimic Baits Hand Poured Offers High Quality Baits That Will Make You Scratch Your Head At How Well They Work.

It's not magic. It is experience and science that makes Mimic Baits' inventory stand out. If you are looking for quality baits to use on your next fishing trip we have some of the best in the nation. We offer a variety of colors and options so you can choose the bait that best suits the water, time of year, and fish you are fishing for. Our baits are hand-poured and the scent and salt are baked right in. The fish cannot tell the difference and it shows in your success. You may wonder when you use the bait if there is something otherworldly about our methods, but rest assured we simply put a lot of pride into the craftsmanship and quality of our product and it shows in the performance of each item.

Hand-pouring high-quality baits is an art and we enjoy creating quality items to tempt those fish right to your hook. Each specific fish breed may prefer a certain bait, but a bit of research and trial and error will quickly let you become an experienced fisher that seems to miraculously pull in your intended prey. We have seasonal specials so check back often for continued great pricing and new inventory that is made with the same care and quality as our current stock. The bottom line is that you simply cannot go wrong with handmade baits from a shop that cares about luring those fish in at every stage of the creation process. From color to movement, from scent to texture the fish will not resist and you will find even more joy when you go out into the wilderness to see what the day offers.

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