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Although we do not have a storefront for you to come visit, you can purchase Mimic Baits at several other physical locations, our website, and on selectfishbaits.com. Additionally, we vendor at several outdoor shows across PA every year! Below you will find our 2024-2025 Show Schedule, as well as a list of stores you can find our products in.

High Quality Baits

It's not magic. It is experience and science that makes Mimic Baits' inventory stand out. We offer a variety of colors and options so you can choose the bait that best suits the water, time of year, and fish you are fishing for. Our baits are hand-poured, and the scent and salt are baked right in. The fish cannot tell the difference and it shows in your success. We simply put a lot of pride into the craftsmanship and quality of our product and it shows in the performance of each item.

Hand-pouring high-quality baits is an art and we enjoy creating quality items to tempt those fish right to your hook. We have seasonal specials, so check back often for continued great pricing and new inventory - made with the same care and quality as our current stock. The bottom line is that you simply cannot go wrong with handmade baits from a shop that cares about luring those fish in at every stage of the creation process.

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Custom Plastics

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You may notice the appearance of products from a few other fishing companies listed on our website. We are proud to partner with RodBender Fishing Company, and Man O'War Fishing Products to provide you with high-quality fishing gear that truly exceeds our standards.

Sponsorships and Pro-Staff

Pro-Staff Applications are currently closed.

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