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Mimic Baits Company

WB 1.5

WB 1.5

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Mimic Baits Company is proud to offer you a handpicked variety of RodBender Fishing Co.'s high-quality products. 

New to RodBender's 2024 lineup, the WB 1.5 is the perfect bait for any shallow water fisherman. These baits have a slightly smaller profile, great for finicky or high-pressured bass. With a slightly larger body than our WB 1.0, these baits run sub-surface in the water, making them great for lakes, rivers, and ponds. These baits are equipped with a slight rattle.

Diving Depth: 0-1 foot
Length: 2.5 inches or 63mm
Weight: 3/8 ounces
Hook Type: Mustad TG76

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