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Mimic Baits Company

X-Twitch 110

X-Twitch 110

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Mimic Baits Company is proud to offer you a handpicked variety of RodBender Fishing Company's high-quality products. 

One of their most anticipated baits ever, the X-Twitch 110 jointed swimbait. This bait measures in at 4.3 inches in length and weighs in at 1 oz. This bait has a unique action that resembles a mix of a traditional jointed swim bait, and a soft paddle tail swimbait. The X-Twitch 110 sinks at a moderate rate (about 1 foot per second), which allows the bait to be used at variable depths. The X-Twitch 110 comes equipped with RodBender's standard Mustad TG76 hooks and high-quality split rings, all while having one of the most durable clear coat finishes in the industry.

Diving Depth: Variable
Length: 4.3 inches or 110mm
Weight: 1 ounce
Hook Type: Mustad TG76

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